The NVIDIA Tegra Roadmap

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NVIDIA Tegra Roadmap

NVIDIA Tegra 4 has already been unveiled but today NVIDIA gave some insights about Logan and Parker which will succeed Tegra 4. Logan SoC brings in CUDA all due to the Kepler architecture which is capable of CUDA 5.0 and OpenGL 4.3. Logan will be shipped in devices early 2014 and samples will come in 2013.

Next up is Parker SoC which will contain Denver CPU which is currently under development. The Denver CPU will pack in the Maxwell GPU which will be capable of handling 64 bit CPU architecture. It will be built on 3D FinFET transisters which will eventually provide better energy consumption, thus improving battery performance. Parker will be seen in devices early 2015 probably.

NVIDIA also unveiled Kayla which has Tegra 4 SoC inside it and unnamed low power Kepler family GPU. Kayla is capable of processing some of the most advance computing stuff.


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