Road Redemption, The Next Generation Road Rash

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Road Redemption Game

Road Redemption Game

Road Redemption is the next generation of Road Rash which is under development. Road Rash was an awesome game. I use to play it a lot. But till date we don’t have any such game. It would be really awesome to see how DarkSeas Games have re-imagined Road Rash.

DarkSeas Games have taken this project and made a kickstarter project for this game. The game will be cross platform i.e. will support Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The game will feature next generation graphics, physics and online multiplayer mode.

The game will feature more choices in arms department. Users can use Guns, Knives, Chains, etc. In addition to this, user can also do a counter attack to save himself. This is something which Road Rash lacked. The game is fully compatible with gaming console controllers.

Ammunition for guns is a limited resource and there is no auto shooting. The aim is completely dependent on the user and his skills. That is something real cool and might make this game more realistic.

Interestingly the source code and project files will be made available to the users all over the world. Users can use this to make their own game or add in their mods to the game.

The funding demanded by DarkSeas Games is $160,000 (approximately ₹87 lakhs). Currently there are 1,479 backers and the project has received a funding of $43,869. There are still 25 days left.

DarkSeas Games team members have worked with some of the top notch game developing companies like Sega, Sony, EA Sports, 2K Games, etc. All the users who actually played Road Rash, can revive their fond memories. As this game seems to be real cool and awesome.


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