Make A Fake Virus For Mac OS X

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Make Fake Virus For Mac OS X

Make Fake Virus For Mac OS X

We have not seen any virus for Mac OS X yet but we have seen some malwares. This trick can be useful, if you want to scare your someone who is probably new to Mac. As the title suggests, this is a tutorial to make a FAKE VIRUS FOR MAC OS X. Let’s have a look at the requirements.


  1. Mac OS X
  2. AppleScript Editor


  1. Open AppleScript Editor from spotlight or from the Applications folder in Macintosh HD.
  2. Just copy the code below and paste it.
  3. Download the code or application from The code is in the .applescript file while the app is in the .dmg file.
  4. Once the code has been written, go to File>Save. Give a name to your Virus. In File Format select Application.
  5. Go to a search engine and search for some cool icons for your application. Websites like, should help you with this. Make sure you download a PNG file of the icon.
  6. Right click on the saved Application and select Get Info. Drag the icon you downloaded to the blank icon on top left corner. That’s it. Close the Get Info.
  7. Now go ahead and mail the application to your friend or personally give it to him.


There are many changes that can be made. The script is self explanatory. And this is pretty much because the commands in the script are normally used in our English.

Virus Detected is the name of the dialog box which is just like the title of the website which shows up in the tab of your browser. Default button can be your choice. Here I have made 2 buttons with name Shut Down and Crash CPU. And selecting default button as 2 will make Crash CPU as the default button.

I have asked the script to make the Mac go to sleep whenever the Shut Down button is clicked. Before the Mac sleeps, there will be 10 beeps and after the Mac wakes up, the inbuilt voice over software will say Virus Downloaded Successfully.

If the Crash CPU button is clicked, then there will be 10 beeps and a dialog will come up saying Virus Downloaded Successfully. Once the dialog is closed the inbuilt voice over software will say Virus Downloaded Successfully.

So there are many things that can be added to the script. Go ahead and try it out.

Video Tutorial


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