BBM Coming To iOS And Android This Summer

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Blackberry Messenger Coming To iOS & Android

Blackberry Messenger Coming To iOS & Android

Its been years, when a rumour sparked off that BBM will come to iOS and Android. However this time, Blackberry has officially announced that they are going to launch BBM as an application for iOS and Android. So users can connect to their friends and families on BBM even if they use iOS or Android.

The first version of BBM for iOS and Android will allow users to do multi-person chats, make groups with max size of 30 and share voice notes. Voice and Video chatting will be added in future updates.

Blackberry also announced BBM Channel which will be a social platform within BBM, thereby allowing users to connect to businesses, celebrities, groups they are passionate about, etc. The BBM Channel support for iOS and Android will come in future updates.The application will be FREE.

However I feel, Blackberry is showing signs of weakness, as BBM was their strongest weapon which actually lured users to buy Blackberry Smartphones. But soon this might probably change. We might just have to wait to see how Blackberry Smartphone sales get affected.

BBM is being used by 60 million users and approximately 10 billion messages are sent in a day. However Whatsapp stats say that 20 billion messages are shared through their app. From company point of view, Blackberry wants to increase their market share and they want to be in direct competition with competitors like Whatsapp which is one of the most widely used Messenger today.

Blackberry tried to do revamp the OS and make their smartphones more unique, thus, trying to keep up with the pace of iOS and Android. Blackberry will have to do something really special to actually keep the users lured to their device.


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