Google I/O 2013 In A Nutshell

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Larry Page At Google I/O 2013

Larry Page At Google I/O 2013

Google I/O 2013 had some really cool announcements. Mostly the announcements were of new features and new interfaces added to the Google services. And lastly Larry Page, gave a short speech and took in lots of questions.

Statistics – There have been totally 900 million Android activations and 48 billion app downloads. Now this is real crazy as Apple iOS App Store has just reached 50 billion downloads. Plus Android came in a bit late but has definitely taken a huge bite at Apple. Google Chrome has reached 750+ million active users. This includes Desktop, Tablet and Mobile users. 300 million users switched to chrome since 2012. Google Cloud Messaging service is being used by 60% of Google Play apps and 17 billion messages are pushed every single day.

Google Play Game Services – Just another Game Center but with some cool tweaks. Users need to sign in using their Google Plus ID. It supports Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud Save. Using Cloud Save user can start the game from the point where he stopped on his devices. So if I was playing a game and I cleared level 1 and stopped. Now when I use another device which I own, I can begin from where I stopped. This is the most awesome feature of this service.

Google Play Store Apps Branding – New features to promote application and what the application lacks were demonstrated. Developers will get new testing options. The testing options will include Alpha Testing, Beta Testing and Production. Developers can adjust their settings and begin the roll out.

This is an awesome feature coming and waiting for it.

Android Studio – is an IDE which Google launched yesterday. This IDE helps in developing apps for Android. What’s cool is that, it has been developed specifically for Android Developers. Changes to the app can be made in real time. The IDE allows developers to view the app in different screen sizes. Developers can view the translated version of app on various screen sizes and accordingly adjust the font sizes. Various identifiers in the code will get highlighted in different colors. So an awesome IDE in short.

Google Play Music All Access – Rumours comes out to be true. Google actually did unveil a music streaming service. It allows users to start radio station and choose songs they like. Google will also give recommendations of new songs that the user should listen. The service will cost $9.99 monthly. All users will get a 30 day free trial and all users who sign up before 30th June, 2013, they will get $2 off on their monthly fee.

Web – Google is strong promoter of the WEB and it announced Web Components. It also announced that VP9 video codec will soon come to YouTube and will reduce the file size immensely. WebM image format was also discussed. WebM image format supports animation too and compresses the images in a more efficient way than JPEG.

A new Chrome Experiment named RACER was demoed. And believe me its awesome. It makes use of Web Audio API to deliver sound effects and also uses HTML5, 3D CSS, WebGL, etc. A web app supported on all devices which have Chrome application.

Redesign – Many Google services got a new design. Google Play Store, Google Plus and Google Maps were the most popular ones. Google Play Store now has an option to search for apps specifically designed for tablets. Google also announced Play for Education where students can search for educational content based on age and other criteria. It makes use of Google+ Groups, so schools and universities can immediately push an app to the store and bill a central account. Currently the sign up window is not available for general public till this year’s fall.

Google Plus brings in a sleek and a complete new UI. The UI looks more similar to Google Now cards. Every post is shown as a small card and the tags used in it can be searched directly from the post itself. Google Plus can now find out the location by just analysing the picture. Google Plus full photo upload storage now increased from 5GB to 15GB. Apart from this on uploading pictures, Google will automatically select the best pictures (if you enable this). A new feature named Motion Picture makes GIF of multiple images taken at the same point of time. Google Plus now has a auto enhance button for enhancing the image. And believe me its really nice.

Google Maps brings in new UI. The new UI also shows the Earth along with the places in broad daylight and night. Places now can provide offers directly. Users can also get reviews from their friends and other users. Google Maps app now shows live traffic and informs users if there is high amount of traffic. The application will automatically re-route and choose the shortest path with minimum traffic. Clicking on any point on the map gives information about that place along with a street view if available.

Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock ROM – was also one of the products announced. It will be completely unlocked and is packed with LTE support for AT&T and T-Mobile. The device will receive prompt updates and the 16GB model will go on sale on June 26th, 2013 for $649.

Google Checkout Button – for Android smartphones will make it super easy for users to do online shopping on their mobile devices. Just press the checkout button and verify your card details on Google Wallet (which will have your previously added card details) and BOOM! Payment done.

Hangouts App – Google Talk gets revamped as Hangouts. A all new app which brings in iOS, Android, Chrome and Gmail to the same page. The app supports shared pool images and emoji support. Live Group Video is also a new feature. Text messages have watermark which basically tells who is writing and reading.

Google Now – gets new cards. The new cards include reminders, real time public transit info, music recommendations and video games.

A very good demo of these features was given at the Google I/O 2013.

Okay Google – Voice search comes to desktop via Google Chrome. So you just need to say Okay Google and speak what you want to search.

Google TV Update – Google TV gets updated to latest refactored Android 4.2.2. This will allow manufacturers to roll out updates faster and it will also bring hardware based content protection. Google Chrome on Google TV will get added into the 6 month update cycle.

So that’s pretty much what the Google I/O 2013 was about.



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