Sailfish OS For Mobiles

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Jolla Mobile Phone

Jolla Mobile Phone, Source – Jolla

We have heard people talking about iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone a lot. But what about possibilities of having new mobile operating system that can compete with the top notch mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

That’s exactly what Sailfish Mobile OS plans to do. Well keeping the competition aside, there is somethings that are really good about this OS. Firstly it is built on the Linux Kernel and that makes it open source. Second it has got its SDK i.e. Developer Kit available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. So whichever desktop operating system you use, you can make apps for this OS.

Third is the design and user interface. It is different as well as somewhat related to iOS and Android. It allows users to use gestures such as Push, Pull, Tap, etc, as well as voice commands to do what they want to. Swiping an application icon on home screen gives more options of the app. Multi-tasking can be done by swiping between apps.

Sailfish OS Design Core UX

Sailfish OS Design Core UX, Source – SailfishOS

Just like Notification Center in iOS, Sailfish OS brings in the Pulley Menu in lock screen and status area for home screens. Various events have different indicators and user can easily access them. Content can be navigated in hierarchical order either by category or category with featured content.

This is just a small part of OS. The OS incorporates the Alien Dalvik Layer from Myriad Group which will allow users to run Android Apps. That’s really cool.

The OS has lot to offer and we can get a proper idea when it officially launches. Jolla is going to be the first phone with the Sailfish OS and will be shipped by end of 2013.

Again for native applications, users have to wait. If this OS is really taken seriously by developers then this OS should have good hefty amount of native applications in no time. However basic social media apps, mail app, music app, etc will be present. This also tells us why HTML5 Web Apps might be so important as it removes compatibility issues.

Jolla Phone


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