Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

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Xbox One Overview

Xbox One Overview

There have been lot of rumours about what the next Xbox will be called as. Some of the names included Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity and Xbox Fusion. But Microsoft plans to go with a all new name i.e. Xbox One. They call it Xbox One simply because it is a all in one entertainment system.

Tech Specifications

The Xbox One is packed with a massive 8GB of RAM and a Blu-Ray drive. It has a native 64 Bit CPU architecture and a total of 500GB of HDD. It also sports a HDMI in and out, 802.11n Wi-fi support and USB 3.0 connectivity. The CPU is packed with 8 cores. That’s all we know for now. Further details will be disclosed only when we get our hands on the device.

Xbox One

Xbox One, Source – Microsoft


  1. Voice & Gesture Control – We have seen Samsung Smart TV’s which support voice and gesture controls. The Xbox One also comes with voice control and gestures support. And believe me but really seems to work flawlessly. Commands like Switch to Game, Switch to Home, etc makes browsing content on the Xbox One extremely simple. Have you used gestures on iPad? If yes then this is going to be a simple task for you to figure out the gestures. Basically these gestures allow users to swipe between apps or minimize to home screen. It supports gestures hold and pan, swipe, etc
  2. Snap Mode – On Windows 8 we can use 2 apps simultaneously. This is probably a feature which has been reserved for desktop operating systems. Snap Mode does exactly the same thing. We can use 2 apps at same time. So let’s say I am playing a Game and also doing a Skype call.
  3. Kinect – Not much of a drastic change but Microsoft plans to bring improvements. Kinect is now able to capture 1080p videos. It is capable of detecting more points on the body. There has been a huge improvement in voice and gesture detection too.
  4. Controller – The new controller looks beautiful. It has an integrated battery compartment and supports Wi-fi Direct. The D-Pad is more precise and the new triggers are more powerful.
  5. Xbox One Controller

    Xbox One Controller, Source – Microsoft

  6. Cloud Ready – With the power of 15,000 servers, Xbox One will be capable of backing up your games and media content. Moreover it brings in Cloud Saves, a feature which Google recently showed off for Android OS at Google I/O 2013. Xbox One also brings in DVR function to record, play and save our gameplay. We can share these gameplay states too. This is just awesome feature and will not only help users to review games much better but also show off their skills.
  7. Live TV – Xbox One connects very well with DVR and helps users to switch to Live TV whenever they want.

Multitasking on Xbox One is very smooth and fast. All this is done with the help of third OS which combines the Xbox architecture with Windows. Microsoft’s new approach seems to get the Xbox One in a house which has hardcore gamers as well as non gamer. It is set to launch later this year. No pricing has been disclosed.


Unveil Video


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