WD TV Live Review


WD TV Live Review

WD TV Live is a device which makes the Television smart and also allows users to play media files of almost any format. It is also capable of streaming content from a device connected on the same network to the Television. It comes with bunch of cool apps and games.


  • Like any other Western Digital device, this device (WD TV Live) also has a plastic body.
  • At the bottom we have vents to remove excess amount of heat and four rubber pads to keep the device levelled on almost any surface.
  • At the back we have a AV Out port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, Optical Audio and DC Input.
  • At the front we have a glassy surface which gives LED indications and also communicates with the Remote.
  • The WD TV Live remote provides a very good grip and feels really good when you hold it. Unfortunately it has soft buttons which tend to give a bad experience while pressing.
WD TV Live

WD TV Live


  • Does not have any inbuilt storage
  • Supports 802.11n Wi-fi protocol
  • Has support for Fast Ethernet, Optical Audio, HDMI and AV Out


  1. This device is a all in one entertainment system. It provides some real good streaming apps like YouTube, Spotify, Yupp TV, Netflix, etc.
  2. WD TV Live also supports games from two vendors.
  3. It is capable of playing media files like video, audio and picture. Media files can be accessed from a device connected on the network or by using a USB device.
  4. The device also supports RSS Feeds, which allows users to read news headlines.
  5. It is capable of finding content information of the media we play through various sources. These sources can be manually added too.


Booting this device is a headache. It takes all the time it needs. You can wash your face and come. And connecting it to a wireless network is another time consuming task.

  1. Picture – The device supports some of the famous image formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc. JPEG’s worked perfectly fine but there were lot of issues while rendering PNG files. The PNG files with colored background were rendered properly but the one’s with transparent background were not rendered properly. They appeared jumbled up as if we were playing a puzzle game.
  2. Video – I was really impressed with the performance of video on WD TV Live. It supports some of the most widely used formats like MKV. It also supports heavily used video codecs like H.264. The device is capable of playing files with resolution up to 1920×1080 i.e. Full HD. Plus it supports multilingual subtitle files. So watching a movie on a television with subtitles on was super easy and cool. There is a dedicated Subtitle button on the remote which makes it very easy for switching subtitles ON or OFF.
  3. Audio – It supports formats like FLAC, MP3, AAC, etc. Most widely used format is MP3. And it plays without any hassles. Music can be kept on while we browse pictures or other applications.

Switching off the device is simple. Its definitely fast and responsive while switching off. Overall the performance was really good while playing video files and audio files. But with pictures the performance was average. Though the device may be good at playing various files but it lags at many instances which can be annoying for the user.


Pros – Easy to setup and supports large number of media formats.
Cons – No HDMI Cable provided, Lags at many instances, Raspberry Pi can save you ₹2500/$50 (only if you can configure a RPi).
Conclusion – A device I will definitely recommend a normal non tech savvy person with a TV with no smart features to buy.

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Type Ratings
Design ★★★★★
Features ★★★★
Performance ★★★★★
Overall 3.7

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  1. varun kumar

    09/27/2013, 01:21 pm

    Nayan, can we connect internet with a usb dongal (like Photon Plus etc) ? Otherwise it’s very much limited to wifi’s or a ethernet which are generally not there in common homes due to easy presence and use of Dongles now a days.

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