iOS 7 Changes Everything Again

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iOS 7

Apple’s latest mobile operating system i.e. iOS 7 has changed everything once again. Every single aspect of the operating system has been changed. Majorly the design. Jonathan Ive has been one of the key people in designing the OS. iOS has gone slightly flatter but not all that flat as the rumours suggested. Some new features were added too.

iOS 7 has quite a bit of transparency. Every app has a layer above the other. And the transparency makes it look good.

  1. Control Center – A swipe from the bottom of the screen launches the Control Center. This allows user to access most of the common toggles like Bluetooth, Torch, Brightness, etc.
Control Center In iOS 7

Control Center In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Notification Center – can now be accessed from lock screen. All notifications can be viewed or only the notifications for the day can be viewed. Missed notifications has a separate tab too. All notifications are categorized by applications.
Notification Center In iOS 7

Notification Center In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Multitasking – is now available for all applications. Earlier it was restricted to only few apps like Music. Multitasking has a new user interface too. A full view of each app can now be viewed while multitasking.
Multitasking In iOS 7

Multitasking In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Camera – comes with new photo filters and a new mode named as Square.
Camera In iOS 7

Camera In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Photos – can now be viewed by locations. We can also view images by year. They automatically get sorted. This avoids the endless scrolling of photographs in the camera roll. Photos can now be shared in iCloud through shared photo streams. Comments can be added to a photo while sharing them.
Photos In iOS 7

Photos In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. AirDrop – Sharing documents and photos will be even more simpler. Just use AirDrop. Search for the person whom you want to send and Tap. Data can be sent to multiple users too.
AirDrop In iOS 7

AirDrop In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Safari – has been updated with the features that were added to OS X Mavericks. iCloud Keychain has also been added. There is no limit for number of tabs. The all tabs button shows all tabs at an angle. User can just swipe across the tab to remove it. Shared links also has been added. Reader now allows reading the next post without going back.
Safari In iOS 7

Safari In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. iTunes Radio – Radio stations now comes to iOS via the iTunes Radio. Users can listen to the artist radio they want too. It will automatically suggest what we should listen. You can also mark songs which you never want to listen to. Currently only available in US. It is ad supported. However iTunes Match users can enjoy ad free version.
iTunes Radio In iOS 7

iTunes Radio In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Siri – gets a new UI. Much more cleaner. User can select a male voice too. The voice pattern has been improved. New sources such as Bing, Twitter and Wikipedia have been added. There is no option to change the default search engine.
Siri In iOS 7

Siri In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. Find My iPhone – After your iOS device gets stolen, the thief can wipe it off and use it. But now the thief will have to activate the phone with your Apple ID even if he wipes the phone off.
Find My iPhone In iOS 7

Find My iPhone In iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. iOS In Car – This is a true fact that most of the cars support iPod. So why not take the integration a step further. And thats what Apple has done by now providing integration for Maps, Music, etc right on the Car screen.
Car Integration iOS 7

Car Integration iOS 7, Source – Apple

  1. App Store – Apps can be searched by age. Apps can also be searched by our location.

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