Say Hello To Mac OS X Mavericks

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Mac OS X Mavericks

Mac OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

As expected Apple has unveiled their next version of Mac Operating System. Guess what they are out of cats. So what should they name it. Well they named it Mavericks. It comes with some cool features. Lets have a look at them.

  1. Finder Tabs – We may browse different locations in different Finder Windows but now just like we have tabs in Web Browsers, we can also add tabs to the Finder. And hence instead of having multiple Finder windows we can have multiple tabs with different location.
Finder Tabs In Mac OS X Mavericks

Finder Tabs In Mac OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

  1. Tags – Users can now add tags to the files while saving them. Then these files can be accessed through the Finder or Spotlight. Multiple tags can be added. New tags can also be created. Searching becomes more simple using tags.
  1. Multiple Displays – Allows user to use multiple displays for his OS. Each display will feature the Dock. Windows on each display will work independently. Swiping between windows on each screen will be done independently. Mission Control will give birds eye view of everything that is happening on the desktop. Windows can be dragged from one screen to the other. This is all possible in Mission Control.
  1. iBooks – With iBooks, user now has access to 1.8 million+ books in the iBook Store. For developers it is just awesome. As the iBook they make will work across all iOS devices as well as Macs.
iBooks In Mac OS X Mavericks

iBooks In Mac OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

  1. Calendar – Now supports Facebook events. Plus it has smooth horizontal scroll which gives better view of the events. Adding an event is very simple. Moreover when we type the details (food based) of the event, it searches for nearby restaurants and also calculates the time it will take to reach the destination. This time will be added to the event and it will also remind you when to leave.
Calendar In Mac OS X Mavericks

Calendar In Mac OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

  1. Maps – The Apple Maps comes to Mac. Users can search for destinations. Use the Flyover view to get the 3D view. Directions that we search for can be sent to the directly to the iOS device.
Maps In Mac OS X Mavericks

Maps In Mac OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

  1. Notifications – Notifications like messages, mails, etc can be directly replied. Apps get updated in the background. Notifications can now be sent by 3rd party apps too. This also includes websites but they need to adopt this feature to provide notifications. If your Mac is in sleep state and you wake it up, you will get all the notifications that you missed. The awesome part is the iOS device notifications also get synced.
  1. Safari – Safari comes with some new technologies like Nitro Tiered JIT and Fast Start which loads webpages much faster. The Javascript performance has also improved. Safari now consumes less power in comparison to other web browsers. Shared Lists on the side shows links shared by people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. Reader now allows you to continue reading next post.
  1. iCloud Keychain – Now is capable of storing passwords and credit card details. It also suggests strong passwords while signing up to a website. And user does not have to remember the password.
iCloud Keychain In Mac OS X Mavericks

iCloud Keychain In Mac OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

  1. Advanced Technologies – Makes the performance super fast. Technologies like Timer Coalescing reduces the number of interrupts made to the CPU and App Nap makes the app to go to sleep when it is completely hidden. It also features Compressed Memory technology where the inactive memory is compressed to provide more free space.
Time Coalescing In OS X Mavericks

Time Coalescing In OS X Mavericks, Source – Apple

Totally there are more than 200 features in OS X Mavericks. But the main features are listed above. Apple has brought some real cool features. OS X Mavericks will be available to general public this Fall. However developers will get a Beta version today.


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