Nokia Lumia 920 Review

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Nokia Lumia 920 Review

We have seen Samsung and HTC make quite less number of Windows Phones. But Nokia is one of the main manufacturers of Windows Phones. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship device for 2013. It has got some real good specifications to stand up front against some of the top notch smartphone vendors.


  • Nokia Lumia 920 is quite thick and bulky too. It weighs 185 grams and 10.7mm thick. So you can just imagine that it is extremely thick in comparison to other smartphones out there in the market.
  • On the top we have a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a micro sim card slot. At the bottom we have two speakers which makes it stereo speakers along with a micro usb slot. On the right hand side we have got volume rockers, the power on/off button and the camera button. At the back we have a 8 mega pixel sensor which uses Carl Zeiss lens. And its written over here also that it says it uses Carl Zeiss lens. It also has got dual LED flash next to the camera lens.


  • Nokia Lumia 920 sports a 4.5 inch display with a pixel density of 332. Though it has got a resolution of 1280×768 and not 1080p, the display looks great and it makes use of Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

Memory & Connectivity

  • The device comes with a inbuilt storage of 32GB and has no Micro SD Card slot. So there is no possibility of expanding your storage beyond 32GB.
  • Lumia 920 supports Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC.
  • It also comes with support for Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n protocol support. It supports Wi-fi Direct also. So its got all sorts of connectivity available to the user any time at one go.


  • The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip which is dual core and is clocked at 1.5GHz.
  • It uses Adreno 225 GPU. It has 1GB of RAM embedded inside of it.
  • It has a long battery of 2000mAH.


  • Lumia 920 runs Windows Phone 8. It has got the Modern UI which is unique with Live tiles. It keeps the user connected always. The start menu has our most used apps that we have pinned.
  • As we swipe towards the right we get the list of all applications installed on the device. The applications are sorted alphabetically and user can select the alphabet to directly browse applications starting from that alphabet. Frankly I found this tough and time consuming to find the right application at the right time.
  • User cannot customize the app drawer and this is where I think I would definitely prefer an iOS or an Android.
  • Microsoft has always tried to bring in some colors to their OS. So if the user wants to change the overall color feel of the OS, he can do that easily.
  • Transferring data using the Windows Phone application was super simple. Using the Transfer my Data application on the Lumia it was extremely simple to transfer my contacts from my iPhone using Bluetooth.
  • The status bar does not show battery percentage in number which again should be added in a future update. The status bar information can be easily accessed by sliding from top.
  • Multitasking on the Windows Phone is simply pathetic. Opening applications from the Multitasking menu restores the previous instance but starting the application from the start menu or the app drawer, will not preserve the previous instance.
  • The best part of this Operating System is backup. Backing up the applications list and settings, text messages, photos, etc is just a click away. Just tweak the settings and click on backup now. Within few minutes you will have your backup on the cloud. And next time when you buy a new Windows Phone, you just need to restore the backup.
  • The major problem is the Windows Phone Marketplace. You will find the most commonly used applications like Whatsapp, Viber, etc. Then the list tends to fade away with some really poor applications. Even in games we have Gameloft and EA but the other games are very poor. Unlike iOS and Android, it lacks variety.
  • There are certain BUGS too. And extremely minor ones. The settings may show off but actually it may be on. So whether its on or not, user does not know.


  1. Music + Video
  2. Nokia Maps is quite good and Nokia Music is amazing. Playing music of artists or radio was simply amazing. It has a huge library of songs and it is simple to browse the songs.

    Music and Video application is average. Movie subtitles are still not supported. Video output is also average in comparison to other smartphones. Music cannot be fast forwarded which is annoying. If we play a video file and then play the last played song, it starts the song from beginning which is again annoying. Because of lack of fast forwarding, I will definitely switch to an iOS or Android. However audio output is fantabulous. Its loud, clear and awesome.

  3. Applications
  4. I tested two major applications for this. One was Internet Explorer and second was Microsoft Office. Mobile websites open quickly and there is slight flickering while loading but once the website is loaded up, there is no flickering at all. Thats good. Desktop websites also open up fast. While opening the website, we see some flickering. But once the website is loaded up, there is no flickering. Zooming In is fast but while Zooming Out we can see white checkerboards which is not a good thing considering it is a flagship device with high end processor.

    For Microsoft Office, I made use of sample documents provided. All the documents are automatically resized (Responsive) according to the screen resolution. This can cause issues if you have big tables with many columns or if you have many images. Overall the reading is definitely simplified by the auto resizing.

  5. Benchmark Results
  6. There are certain applications available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The application I used is MultiBench 2 due to some problems in Antutu Benchmark application.

    On running the Benchmark, Lumia 920 stood on top of all the other Windows Phones. The results includes various categories like Graphics, Memory, Data, etc.

  7. Games
  8. Games perform good on this device. High end games like Modern Combat 4, Real Football 2013, etc may lag at times but casual games like Temple Run work like a charm. The bigger screen makes it more fun to play games on this device.

  9. Camera
  10. Camera is one of the specialities of this device. Its really good. In low light also it captures some stunning photos. In broad daylight the photos are clean and sharp. The Dual LED flash definitely helps in low light. The flash is quite strong. It reminds me of the flash we had on Blackberry smartphones.

    The rear camera (8 megapixel) shoots video at 1080p (1920×1080) at 30fps while the front camera (1.9 megapixel) shoots at 960p (1280×960) at 30fps.

Video Review


Nokia Lumia 920 is a great device. It has got a really good design and hardware but the software is poor. With lack some highly needed features and less variety of apps, I would consider an iOS or an Android at the moment. But Lumia 920 can definitely be considered while buying a new smartphone.

  • Pros – Beautiful Design, Superb Camera, Good Display, Hardware, Data Transfer, Backup
  • Cons – Poor Software, Lack of Apps
Type Ratings
Design ★★★★
Display ★★★★
Memory ★★★★
Connectivity ★★★★★
Hardware ★★★★★
Software ★★★★★
Performance ★★★★
Overall 3.7

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