Battlefield 4 Review

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Battlefield 4 is the latest addition in the Modern Warfare games. This is the 4 iteration of the Battlefield series and is packed with rich graphics. The landscapes are huge and have been detailed very well. But does it live up to the expectation?


  • I remember playing warfare games which were 1GB in size but today with games as large as 30GB in size, it seems there is no end to the detailing that can be added in the game.
  • This game has great graphics but the video shots which come at regular intervals after each mission has poor detailing. It looks like a 360p video clip being played. Well this is just a small part of the game.
Battlefield 4 Graphics

Battlefield 4 Graphics

Battlefield 4 Landscapes

Battlefield 4 Landscapes

  • There are certain scenes like the scene where a DAM has to be detonated and it has been depicted very beautifully. Game is full of blasts. A scene where a chopper fires at the ship is very well shown.
  • Though there is an increase in detailing, I still feel face rendering of each individual who is an active part of the game is poor. It reminds you of the old games. However with new technologies like NVIDIA Faceworks, we should see some improvements in future.


  • Story of the campaign mode was ok. It was not great at all. Fortunately there were no nuclear attacks planned on the USA or the President of USA.
Battlefield 4 Story
  • The story begins on a aircraft carrier sailing in the oceans and a enemy named Chang wants to take over the World. You are a marine sergeant of US army and make friends with Chinese intelligence to fight against Chang.
  • The end was pathetic. You simply place the charge on Chang’s aircraft carrier and blast it.


  • One of the key element of game is the Gameplay. Unfortunately the gameplay is average. Till a point you enjoy but then after a while it starts to get boring. One of the reasons is the story line.
Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Battlefield 4 Gameplay

  • There are certain design flaws which I did not like. Like for example I am shooting an RPG at the chopper but the chopper still remains intact and no one inside the chopper gets hurt. Probably this is the way the game was designed in that part of the mission.
  • There are some cool things about the game. Like when I am shooting in a windy region, I need to take into account the Wind Speed and Direction and accordingly aim. This adds a whole new level of difficulty in the game and tests the users skills. This was really awesome.
Battlefield 4 Surroundings

Battlefield 4 Surroundings

  • Being the team leader, you are still not able to make decisions. The team mates make the decision. The game progresses in the way it has been programmed. The only decision that you can take is to engage your team mates to kill an enemy soldier.
  • Multiplayer was hell awesome. Totally 64 players can play online in 7 different gaming modes. Landscapes can be small and large depending on the user. Levolution is something which EA has added whereby the surrounding s get destroyed in different ways depending on the direction it took hit. This was really cool.
Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer


If this game has to be bought then it has to be bought for the Multiplayer. Trust me you won’t regret it. I will give it a overall rating of 7.4/10

Type Ratings
Graphics ★★★★★★★★★★
Gameplay (Includes Multiplayer) ★★★★★★★★★★
Story ★★★★★★★★★★

7.4 out of


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