Kingston UV100 SSD Review

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Kingston has hit the Indian market with a new SSD i.e. Kingston UV100. It comes in two size options i.e. 60GB for ₹5150/$83 and 120GB for ₹7700/$125.

Box Contents

Kingston UV100 comes heavily packed in a plastic box. The box contains a bracket for mounting the SSD, the SSD itself and Guides which contains instructions to set up the SSD.


Kingston UV100 120GB SSD has a very good build quality. It is very very light and has screw slots for mounting it on a 3.5 inch drive bay. It has a much better build than many of the plastic covered SSD’s available in the market.


Moving on to the benchmarks. The Blackmagic Disk Speed benchmark gave write speeds of 195.3MB/sec and read speeds of 518.3MB/sec. ATTO SSD benchmark gave write speeds near about 206 MB/sec and read speeds around 480MB/sec. CrystalDiskMark gave read speeds of 204.5MB/sec and write speeds of 509.9MB/sec.

Kingston UV100 SSD Benchmarks

Kingston UV100 SSD Benchmarks

Real World Performance

I used my newly assembled PC for the Test. It has the following configuration:

  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
  • Intel Core i7 4770K
  • NVIDIA GTX Geforce 770 2GB DDR5
  • Windows 8.1/Mac OS X Mavericks

Real World write speeds on Windows 8.1 were around 125MB/sec. However I was surprised with its awesome performance on OS X Mavericks. The write speeds were 142.11MB/sec. This is the best write speeds I have seen on any SSD.

Real World Kingston UV100 Windows 8.1

Real World Kingston UV100 Windows 8.1

Real World Kingston UV100 Mac

Real World Kingston UV100 Mac

I tried another test. In this test I opened 3 Full HD movies and played them simultaneously. Along with the Full HD videos, I also opened a FLAC file with a bit rate around 4000. Other files which I opened included few Full HD images, PDF file and a ISO file.


I am truly impressed with the new Kingston UV100 SSD. It is a bit costly but definitely lives up to the performance. I would highly recommend this SSD.

Pros – Build Quality, Performance, Cost (compared to other SSD’s it is cheaper)
Cons – Memory, Cost (is quite high)

Type Ratings
Design ★★★★★★★★★★
Memory ★★★★★★★★★★
Performance ★★★★★★★★★★
Overall 7.5/10

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