Get Album Artwork From iTunes Store (Free)

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Everyone wants a properly organised Music/Video library. However most of us download songs from various websites. These websites put their watermark in the Album Artwork section of ID3 tags. On top of that, it is very difficult to find the album artwork of most albums on Google with a resolution of 600×600 (same width x same height) images. But here is a simple solution to that. Use iTunes Store.

  1. Open iTunes Application.
  2. Search for the Music Album whose album artwork is required.
  3. Now right click and copy the Music Albums URL.
  4. Copy Album Link

    Copy Album Link

  5. Open the copied link in any web browser.
  6. Once the web page loads, right click on the album artwork and select Open Image in New Tab.
  7. Open Image In New Tab

    Open Image In New Tab

  8. Switch to the tab where the image has loaded up. The album artwork will originally be of a resolution 170×170. To get high quality album artwork, replace 170×170 in the URL with 600×600 and press enter.
  9. Album Artwork 170x170

    Album Artwork 170×170

    Album Artwork 600x600

    Album Artwork 600×600

  10. There you have it. A high quality Album Artwork. Copy it or Save it or edit the ID3 tags of Your music Album.
My Music Library

My Music Library


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