Denon AH-C100 Headphone Review

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Denon is a UK based company which makes sound products. Frankly, I heard about Denon just few weeks back and thought of buying it, simply because I needed an in-ear headphone and I got an amazing deal. The headphone is priced at $109/₹6,000. However I got it for $32.68/₹2,000.


Denon AH-C100 is packed with Neodymium Speakers with a driver diameter of 11.5mm which is even bigger than Bowers & Wilkins C5 in ear headphones. Bigger the driver size, better is the bass. The impedance is 16Ω and the sensitivity is 110dB/mW. Maximum input power is 250mW and the frequency response ranges from 5Hz to 24000Hz.

Package Contents

A small rough and tough case is provided. So carrying the headphones is very simple. It fits easily into the pockets of the jeans. 3 different sizes of ear buds are provided. They are quite comfortable. The material used is good as it didn’t catch dust easily.

Denon AH-C100 Package Contents

Denon AH-C100 Package Contents


The headphone comes equipped with microphone and volume rockers. However it is compatible with only iPhone. They are attached to the left ear piece cable unlike the Apple headphones where the mic is on the right earpiece cable. If you have used Apple headphones for a prolong period then you may get bugged every time when your hand goes to the right cable for changing songs or increasing/decreasing volume.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is not that strong and can suffer from damages in future. You may probably find yourself dangling the jack after few months of heavy usage. However the wire is tangle free.

Now let’s talk about the comfort and the isolation. The comfort with these headphones is pretty good. I would say you can listen to music for as long as 3-4 hours. After that I feel the head starts aching.

The good thing is these headphones, don’t go completely inside, deep inside your ear. They are slightly away from the eardrums which what I prefer. If you prefer headphones not to go deep inside, these are good headphones that you should consider.

These headphones also provide passive isolation. So they isolate small amount of sound from the outside world. So when we wear the headphones, the outside noise will reduce but not to a great extent. You can still hear what is going on outside. But considering the size of these headphones, I would say they do a pretty good job.

Now let’s talk about whether these headphones come off very easily or not. Even on moving the head rigorously or running with the headphones, they didn’t come off easily.


Sound quality is great. It provides natural sound. I am very impressed with the highs and mids. Treble is very good and Bass is moderate which is exactly what I want. I am not a heavy Bass listener. So this is not a headphone for heavy bass listeners.

Unfortunately, the sound leakage is quite noticeable at high volumes. This makes it annoying at times as people can hear what you are listening or talking about.


At the end, I would just say that this is a great headphone for a person who wants natural sound with superb clarity, good treble and moderate bass. However I am disappointed with the sound leakage. They are definitely better than the default headsets provided by Apple or any other company.


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