Kingston OTG Review

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OTG stands for On the Go USB. These are USB devices for smartphones. However Kingston OTG is specifically made for Android. But there’s a catch. It supports only a few Android devices. Plus it is important that your Android device is running Android 4.0 or above. Click here to check the compatibility of devices.


The Kingston OTG is miniature in size and has a black cover which covers the micro-USB slot. However it has the standard USB port uncovered. It also has a small slot to use the loop. The loop can be used to hold the OTG in your wrist.

Setting It Up

Using the OTG is simple. Just plug to your Laptop/PC and transfer data. Next connect to your Android device via the micro-USB slot. Using the File Manager app on your Android device, you can access all your files on the OTG. However in case the File Manager does not detect the OTG, try ES File Explorer.

While removing the OTG, make sure that you select the safely remove option in Settings—>Storage.


Don’t go by the size. The performance of this OTG is very good considering its miniature design. I used Xiaomi MI3, to read files which has an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip. Playing 1080p BluRay MKV files from the OTG was simply fun. There were no lags as such. Fast forwarding or Rewinding the video worked like a charm. Another thing to note is that your device should be powerful enough to play such heavy files. Documents did take some while to load up. Music worked fine too.

Transferring data from Android device to OTG provided a good speed. I used Galaxy S2 to perform this operation. This is because if the device is not compatible, data cannot be written from Android device to the OTG. I got an average speed of 10MB/sec. At times the speed shot up to 17MB/sec.

Data transfer speeds between OTG and PC were not that great. They were slower than what I expected.

Data Transfer Between OTG and PC

Data Transfer Between OTG and PC


I love the miniature design of the OTG but the black cover covering the micro-USB can hangs while the OTG is connected to the Android device. This is annoying at times. Plus the connection grip between the OTG and the Android device is not all that great. It does not go completely inside and due to this you may find yourself fidgeting with OTG thinking its not connected to the Android device. I feel there should be a click sound which should come when the OTG is connected to the Android device. It can act as an indicator.

As the OTG is loosely connected to the Android device, there are high chances of it getting damaged. Moreover this OTG is compatible with only few Android devices and this is understandable as there are so many Android Smartphone manufacturers. So it is important that you go through the compatibility list.

If your device is incompatible and you use the OTG then you can only read files from the OTG and cannot write files from the Android device to the OTG. In order to write files from Android device to the OTG, it is important that the device should be compatible.


This device is a worth buy only if the Android device is compatible. If the device is not compatible then its like buying additional storage only to read files. That’s something that you might not want to do.


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