Thoughts On Wolfenstein: The New Order

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This post may have scenes which may not be suitable for minors. So proceed at your own risk!

Wolfenstein The New Order is a new warfare game which is different from normal warfare games which we are use to. But is it that different that you should play it? Let’s find out!

There has been a lot of hype about the game. It has come at a point when COD and Battlefield are well set in the market. Unfortunately I didn’t find it extraordinary like everyone was talking about the game before its release. However I do like the title of the game. It reminds me of transformers. Don’t know why?

It is definitely a different type of warfare game which is not like the regular COD and Battlefield games we have been used to. The game is based on World War II. However the end goal is not to kill Hitler. Well in reality too Hitler committed suicide. This game revolves around two specific villains. The story is completely different from regular warfare games. The developers of the game have tried to take some elements of todays technology and used it in 1940’s. But I feel they didn’t do justice.


Graphics are ok. Nothing great. Everyone who has played modern games is use to seeing such graphics. Some might say what is the 44GB for. Well I think, the HD rendered videos which play in between the game is the reason for such a huge size of the game. But I found the detailing in the videos to be ok. Nothing great. It lacked sharpness.

Double Guns

Double Guns

They have shown how people were tortured under the dictatorship of a person. But the game lacks detailing in these scenes. These scenes could have been made much better. But there are certain things that I really like about the game. Things like the blood splatter when you hit a person with bullet. However they have over exaggerated the blood coming out of the body.

People Being Tortured

People Being Tortured

Even though the detailing of faces may be ok but the cities and other landscapes have been depicted beautifully. Even the U-Boat interior has been depicted brilliantly. The maps have been designed meticulously.


The gameplay is average. Nothing great about it. It gets boring after a point of time. The user does not get any high tech weapon apart from the laser cutter. I know the game has been set in 1940’s but if the enemy can be shown having high tech robots then why not give the user some good gadgets.

There are very few stealth attacks that can be performed. This is a place where the developers could have done much better. Stealth missions are difficult to play. A small noise and enemies pounce on you like rats. I actually liked this because it made the game more difficult to play. There are very few guns to select from. Even though the developers have shown Germany to be high tech with Robots, the developers failed to provide a good weapon set.

The best part of the game is that you can use two guns simultaneously, one in each hand. It can be a rifle, sub-machine gun or shotguns. However in reality this is almost impossible. A lot of judgement and accuracy is needed while shooting with two guns. But while playing it is really super fun to use two guns.

The villains character has been depicted well. The way the villain talks and behaves is simply brilliant. However the central character could have been better.

Villain In Wolfenstein

Villain In Wolfenstein

Difficulty changes drastically when we change the difficulty level. With high difficulty it was almost impossible to kill the final boss. But with low difficulty, it was piece of cake.


Overall I found the game to be ok. There is nothing great about it apart from the thing that you can use two weapons simultaneously. I would not suggest you to buy this game. I would rather suggest go play some good multiplayer games with your friends.

Even though the game may not be extraordinary but the efforts of developer is clearly visible and I would want to see some more games from the developer.


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