MI Piston In-Ear Earphones

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Xiaomi has launched bunch of accessories along with the Xiaomi Smartphones. One of them is the MI Piston In-Ear earphones. It is priced at ₹999 (~$16.366). These headphones caught my eye and made me curious. It was difficult to get hands on the MI Piston as they are usually out of stock. Let’s find out more about these earphones.


The MI Piston, looks classy and premium quality. It is very light and long at the same time. It is approximately 1.2m in length. The MI Piston box resembles the Apple Earpods. But unlike Apple, Xiaomi has provided the specifications of the earphones at the bottom of the case. The box comes with a rubber case which holds the earphone. Extracting the earphone from the rubber case was a task. Because this is an in-ear earphone, the box also contains 3 (+1 comes attached with the earphone) different sizes of earbuds categorized as Small, Medium and Large. The earbuds are high quality but in case there is dirt in your ears, then it will easily stick to the buds.

A small pin is provided. This pin can be used to keep the earphone in tact and close to the body. It prevents the earphone from hovering around in case of strong turbulent winds. This pin reminds me of the black connector which Nokia use to provide with their mobile phones.

MI Piston Case

MI Piston Case

The MI Piston comes with a tangle free cable. This means that your earphones won’t get tangled. In case it does get tangled, then it can be easily untangled. The controller is connected to both the left and right earpiece unlike the Apple Earpods where the media controller is connected to the right earpiece only. The buttons on the media controller are small. This makes it difficult to change songs or play/pause the song.


MI Piston provides good, clear sound output. However, it has almost zero bass. Songs with heavy bass sounded dull. Even treble was on the low side. So I, didn’t enjoy the high notes in the song much. Though it has poor bass and treble, it will easily outperform earphones in this price range.

MI Piston

MI Piston


These are in-ear earphones. These earphones go deep inside the ear. They fit well. It is very comfortable and I can guarantee that you can easily listen to music for hours without you head aching. These earphones don’t come off at all. So for runners, it is a plus point.

MI Piston Earbuds

MI Piston Earbuds

Because these are in-ear earphones, it provides very good passive sound cancellation. Even the sound leakage is minimal. So the person next to you can hardly hear what you are listening to or talking to.


Most of the earphones that you buy are compatible with the iPhone. But these earphones have been designed and developed by Xiaomi. They are compatible with the Xiaomi Smartphones. I tried using these earphones with iPhone and observed a slight deterioration is sound output and quality. I haven’t tried these earphones with other Android smartphones, so I cannot comment on their compatibility.


The design is good. Good quality earbuds have been provided. Passive sound cancellation is good. Sound leakage is minimal. Even the sound quality is great but the bass and treble is poor. So I would suggest, buy these earphones if you have budget constraints.


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