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Photography is memories. As soon as you start browsing your photo library, you don’t realise how time passes thinking about the awesome memories. In past few years a new term Selfie has been invented but the fact is we have been clicking photograph from the front camera since ages. But as they say, no matter how small the innovation, it is still an innovation and sometimes the smallest innovation makes the most difference. Selfie Stick is the best invention of the year 2014.

I am grateful to Allesandrolin for sending me 2 sets of Selfie Stick. So here is what I think about it.

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Note: Before I begin, I will use some weird references to spice up the review.


The entire Selfie Stick is built of a steel rod. These steel rods remind me of those days when we used to use such rods to remove clothes when we use to hang them for drying. This steel rod is sturdy and rigid. It can withstand lot of damage. It may not break but you may observe some dents in case it falls with cumbersome force. The rod is very long which is great but compressing it back to a miniature size is a difficult task.

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

The stick comes with a grip which has small thickness. I would prefer something which has some cushion over the grip or the grip itself being thicker. Let me give an example. When I play badminton, I use a thicker grip, possibly the thickest one available. Not only does the grip last longer but this helps me in moving the racquet fluidly. Now with a thin grip, I get a slight burning sensation after playing for a while. Moreover, my thumb starts showing signs of rashes. You will find some of the best tripods equipped with heavy cushions all over.

The rubber grip is not fixed properly. Every time I compress the rod the grip slides up exposing the wire for camera button connectivity. Due to this the camera button gets dislocated and the grip has to be pushed down.

The camera button is hard and gives a good click sound, confirming the snap was taken. The selfie stick makes use of a 3.5mm headphone cable to enable wireless camera shutter control. The wire is a stretchable but the fact that sellotape has been used under the rubber grip for camera shutter control makes it vulnerable. If it comes off then just hope that you have a long hand to reach your phone’s shutter button or buy a bluetooth shutter else just fix the wire.

Lastly we have a bracket which comes along with the selfie stick. This bracket holds the smartphone. The best part is, it can hold any damn smartphone till date. Whether it is Oneplus One or iPhone 6 Plus, it will work like a charm. But if you ask me about it’s quality, I will say its ok. Nothing great. The spring sound says it all. Every time you stretch it, it bends down which clearly indicates that its not good at quality. The bracket can be attached to the selfie stick with the help of a slider. I personally feel a nob would have done much more justice and made life so much simple for the users while tightening the bracket. Once the bracket is attached, it can be moved up and down. No rotational movement is possible. As of now, I haven’t seen any selfie stick imbibing the rotational movement feature. In case if it was there it would be just too cool to click photographs in 360 degree manner.

Selfie Stick Bracket

Selfie Stick Bracket


If you ask me, do I like this selfie stick? I will say No. But some things that really made me happy was the camera shutter on the stick itself. If someone asks me should I buy this? I will say buy if you are in search for a selfie stick which is tough and rigid and you won’t mind if it damages or breaks. But incase you are not interested in buying the selfie stick then do watch my video and do rate, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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