Urban Armor Gear Outland Case Review

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How should I begin? Somehow accessories for electronic devices has never enticed me. I feel the device is well off without these accessories. But the scenario has changed. I have got an opportunity to review a cover. So why am I reviewing it? Well its got a Military Standard. And that did entice me to use the cover 😅.

The Outland Case

  • Military Standard – This standard simply means that the cover has undergone certain tests and it has successfully passed those tests, thereby making it more impact proof.
  • Robust & Sturdy – This is not the fancy type of cover that you will find out in the market. Most of the girls go for the glittering stars but this cover is a thick one which provides robustness and sturdiness. The amount of pressure required to just bend the cover is way more than the pressure required to bend those fancy covers. This just proves how sturdy it is.
  • Design – It has been very well crafted. Slots have been properly cut for camera, speakers, charging port, etc. It also provides rubber based buttons for volume rockers and power button. This makes it very easy for the user to change the volume or switch on/off the device.
  • The Back – At the back we have skid pads which prevents the phone from sliding on slippery surfaces. It has this screws but I have no clue for what purpose. But the top rectangle slot is just perfect and helps the user to hold the phone properly while talking.
  • Thick Edges – The cover is quite thick on the edges that is the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right section. After typing and using it for quite a while, I didn’t find it obstructing at all. Even sliding from left to right or right to left from the edge of the screen worked perfectly fine.

Funny part is that it says, the patents are pending and its been inscribed inside the cover 😝.


I will definitely recommend this cover/case. But again don’t expect fanciness from this cover. It’s only meant for those who want robustness and sturdiness with their covers. Oh and I just forgot. It comes with 2 high quality scratch guards 😅.

Well the review ends here but just some info. People around me have been asking me about this case. So it’s not just me who finds it amazing 😎.


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