Xiaomi Mini Steel Gun Bluetooth Speaker

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Xiaomi has earned itself a good position in the market. What’s cool is that Xiaomi keeps coming up with these economical products in different segments of technology. One such tech is the Mini Steel Gun Bluetooth Speaker. It is priced at ≈$25 making it a good option for budget stringent buyers (Can be bought from Gearbest.com).

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - Front

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker – Front


The speakers are round in shape with the speaker on top and a nice silver rim surrounding it. Slightly above the bottom we have the LED Indicators and right below these indicators is the charging port. At the bottom we have 3 buttons i.e. Play/Pause and +- Volume Rockers. The volume rockers can be used to change the song too. This can be done by clicking on either of the volume rocker once. If the volume rockers are continuously pressed then it increases or decreases the volume.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - Top

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker – Top

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - Bottom

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker – Bottom

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - Charging Port

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker – Charging Port


Frequency Response – 100Hz to 20KHz
Impedance – 3Ohm
Power – 3W
Bluetooth Compatibility – 2.x and 4.0


The device takes approximately 2.5hrs to get fully charged. On being connected via Bluetooth 2.x it will work for around 6 to 7 hrs. But with Bluetooth 4.0 the story is different. The device can run for days.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - LEDs

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker – LEDs

Blue and Red are the two LED indicators. When the device is turned on and not connected to any device, it flickers red and blue LED simultaneously at periodic intervals. When device gets connected, the device generates a feedback sound and only the Blue LED flickers at periodic intervals. While charging the device has a stagnant red LED on until it completely gets charged. Once its charged the device provides a feedback sound.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - Charging  LED

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker – Charging LED

The device has a range of 7m to 10m. Once you cross this distance audio packets start dropping.


Coming to the most important question. How is the sound? Is it good? Is it loud? Yes it is loud and clear. Bass is not that bad and not that good. Treble is ok. But the output is really loud. There is one issue though. When you play songs with high amplitudes (i.e. sudden burst of loud music) at full volume, there is small amount of distortion that takes place and you can faintly hear the distortion. To avoid this the volume has to be lowered by 4-5 bars. But getting completely clear output from an economical budget friendly speakers is too much. Apart from this everything else sounds great.


I would definitely recommend budget stringent buyers to have a look at this speaker before making the purchase. If you have the cash ignore this speaker and look for better options.


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