iPhone 6S Review

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The only thing that’s changed is everything

The iPhone 6S is the latest flagship from Apple and it has created a huge buzz in the market with its camera. I have been using it for over a week and here’s my take on it…


The design os 6S is very similar to 6. We dont have circular ring surrounding the home button. A special cut has been made for the volume rockers. There are no FCC labels. Instead there is a S engraved at the back indicating its the 6S. The enclosure has been made using new alloy of 7000 Series aluminum making the iPhone more robust and sturdy. 6S is thicker than 6 and gives better grip but it can still slip out of the hands. The camera still bulges out a little.


The display is pretty much the same but it is highly resistant to fingerprints. The brightness is good enough for you to see text and content in broad daylight.

Touch ID

With every new model of the iPhone the Touch ID simply gets better and better. The new Touch ID is so quick that if the home button is just pressed to display the screen the phone just unlocks. A slight touch does the job to unlock the phone.


The new A9 64 bit processor delivers desktop equivalent performance. Apple claims the new processor provides 70% faster CPU performance and 90% faster GPU performance. 6S is packed with 2GB of RAM which means it can store more information of applications last state thereby making multitasking more fluid. The Geekbench single processor score of iPhone 6s beats iPad Air 2 and several desktops.

Force Touch

Apple has taken the force touch technology forward and introduced its extension that is the 3D touch. We can use 3D touch to get additional options to perform a task. This can be done by force touching any app on the screen. The apps which do support 3D touch, show the actions that can be performed while those which dont support it give a triple vibration jerk. 3D touch is an amazing technology for gaming. It will change how you play games. For example the game demoed at the even had added features like firing with a more powerful weapon on force touching. The functionality of the game can be tweaked as the developer likes. This is just a brilliant addition for the gaming community. 3D touch can also be used to get a peek of something like messages, mails or something that the app provides. If you think the stuff is interesting then you can apply little bit of more pressure and boom you will be inside the content.


The iPhone 6S camera is a big overhaul from the previous generation cameras. Apple has never focussed much on Mega Pixels. Rather they have focussed on the internal working of the camera as usual. To avoid cross talk, Apple has put the color filters below the photo diodes and apart from this they have also used deep trench isolation to reduce noise in images and provide better accurate color. Well this trick has definitely worked. The iPhone 6S camera sensor captures photographs with near true tone colors unlike most other companies who saturate the images and tweak it in different ways. The front camera of iPhone 6S is absolutely stunning. The 5MP sensor captures brilliant selfies and the retina flash is just fab. The flash is generated from the display which is something that has been there on MacBook Pro since ages. At first it may sound weird but it really generates crispy flash based on the skin color and surroundings. The selfies in extreme darkness are clear with accurate skin tones. The rear camera does a brilliant job in daylight. The clarity is amazing. Yes, it does lack detailing when you zoom in but thats the drawback of using a lower mega pixel image sensor. In lowlight, images are noisy. The Optical Image Stabilisation certainly reduces the noise but doesn’t do a perfect job.

Coming to the last segment, the LIVE PHOTOS. This is not a new concept. Samsung implemented this in Galaxy S4 but they failed to promote it and carry it forward. But the thing with Apple is that they are bringing in the support to Facebook and this is going to be super successful feature. Live Photos captures 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is clicked. One issue is that most of the times after the user clicks the photo, the user puts the phone down which creates a weird Live Photo. An update has already rectified this issue. Live Photos creates a copy of image and a video file. Totally an additional 2.5MB is required for Live Photos. Another drawback of Live Photos is that iCloud syncs only photos. For Live Photos we need to manually sync it via Image Capture or Photos app (i.e. USB Transfer 😢).


I give iPhone 6S a thumbs up. It is definitely not the perfect phone but has great features like Camera, Live Photos, 3D Touch and amazing hardware. What’s bad is the battery. It performance is average. Somedays, the battery may survive the entire day and some days you may have to charge the phone by the end of the day. The average usage time is just 5hrs 30 mins and standby times are amazing.

If you have been using an iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or 5S you can definitely consider the device for an upgrade. For 6 users, I would suggest wait for the next version. As the major changes are in camera, Touch ID and 3D Touch. If 1080p works for you and 3D Touch is something that is not necessary for your purpose then wait else buy.


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