OS X El Capitan Review

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OS X El Capitan is here. It sounds amazing but is it as amazing as the name… Yosemite brought in tons of features and a complete UI overhaul. But that’s not the case with El Capitan. El Capitan is more about tweaks.

Split View

Split View allows users split the screen in two panes where each pane is occupied by either one of the two apps. This is a very popular feature of Windows but now that’s its on OS X, it adds on to the list of cool features Apple OS X already has.

Notes & Maps

Checklists, images, maps and other rich content can be added to notes. Maps can be used to send directions or information about a location directly to the iPhone. Well its a feature which Google Maps has since a long time. Now that its there on Apple Maps, its a great boon for iOS users.

Call Back Cursor

Many a times we forget where the mouse is but now on shaking the mouse, the cursor gets enlarged. So more wastage of time in finding the cursor.


Albums can now be sorted too. Pictures can be edited using extensions developed by 3rd party developers.


Safari comes with a feature which enables user to mute all the multimedia content right from the address bar. This is very useful in circumstances when you don’t know from which tab the sound is coming. It supports pinned tabs too.


Spotlight supports better language processing and user can search for documents opened last week or today, etc.


Apple has brought the core graphics tech to OS X enabling developers to combine CPU and GPU performance to develop more efficient applications.


Mail automatically creates suggested events based on the content in the mail. This turns out to be super handy as with just a click of a button the event gets created in the calendar. It is an extremely useful utility for users who use calendar to plan out their entire schedule.


El Capitan has a new typography for English, Chinese and Japanese. The new typography is more clear and readable.


Apple claims that the apps open 40% faster, app switching is 2 times faster, mails and messages get displayed 2 times faster and PDFs open 4 times faster in preview.


As I said previously, El Capitan is an upgrade with minor tweaks. There is no major overhaul but I would still recommend users to update as with each OS the security becomes more robust.


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